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Living Cells Live Wallpaper

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Living Cells live wallpaper displays a grid of moving, color changing "cells". User is able to customize almost everything - color of cells, color of background, speed, shape of cells, patterns and many others. These moving cells produce beautiful and colorful patterns. Everything is dynamically generated in a real time, it is not only a poor animation !This wallpaper is also interactive, so users can play with the wallpaper and formulate new patterns by touching or tapping the screen. Colored cells symbolize "live cells". Dead cells are not displayed. By touching or tapping the screen, the user simply revives cells under his finger. All live cells are moving and changing their colors accordingly to selected rules, which can also be changed in wallpaper's settings.For better understanding, see the enclosed video.
Key features: * Interactive - Play with the wallpaper by touching and tapping on it with your fingers. * Very customizable - Change a shape and color of cells, speed of the wallpaper, enable & disable interaction, change a number of cells and much more. * A lot of patterns available * Dynamically generated - Patterns are dynamically generated, based on predefined rules. With the "touch and tap" interactivity, you can observe a lot of different and unique scenarios. * RAM and Battery efficient. * No Ads or Suspicious permission requirements.
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